When Amy asked us to help her create video content for her new business Copper Cocktail Co., we exclaimed: YES, WE’LL DO IT! We’d already worked on a branding session for her and we’ve worked with her on several occasions with her Planning and Design Company, All Things Planned, so we knew we’d be a good fit for this new project and could accomplish the results she was looking for.


Our brainstorming session began at the local watering hole, The Tipsy Bean, with a couple of knock knock jokes and an overarching idea in what types of settings her business would thrive. I felt the vibe she wanted was going to be upbeat and exciting. We wanted to keep the focus on the cocktails and beverages while giving the promo a fun and hip vibe.

Our location of choice was a local wedding venue, The Gin at Hidalgo Farms, and really afforded us three separate scenes all in one location. We started off with a bridal shower/intimate party setting and moved into a big celebration culminating in a wedding reception and finally moved to a party/club atmosphere. Each transition focused on a beverage handoff that moved into the next scene to keep the focus on the service being provided.


“OMG Thomas!!!! That is AMAZING!!!!!!!! I’m so excited!!!
Definitely better than _______! It has such a fun vibe to it. I LOVE the drink switch for each scene. That’s amazing. You’ve impressed my husband and that’s hard to do. Cannot thank y’all enough and will be sharing the sh*! out of it so I hope everyone loves it too.”

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