Curt and Ashlyn have been friends of ours for many years and we just naturally hit it off when we first met. Knowing Curt’s passion for the Off-Road living and both of their loves for the outdoors and adventure, when we began working on their website design, we knew the direction their brand was going to go.


Based on Miry Clay Off-Road’s needs and the potential to expand their website to be able to take web orders and the possibility of online scheduling for the future, we went with a WordPress Site to take advantage of the multitude of options with regard to styling, endless options and expandability. With almost half a billion websites on the internet powered by WordPress, it was an easy decision.

On a branding side, we infused their healing and positive messaging into their website copy as well as their tagline. Coupled with the overall site coloring to represent their service industry and bold, uplifting personalities.

Once the site was built and launched, we discussed marketing option and ideas for how to get Miry Clay Off-Road in to the public eye. Combining the execution of these marketing ideas and the SEO we built into their website, they’ve been getting a steady stream of inquiries and continue to grow their customer base.


“The website design looks GREAT! Thank you again for all of your hard work and hours and hours of time on this!”

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– I. M. Pei